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P90X, Insanity vs. Chair-A-Cise

For people who are obese it’s difficult to find an exercise program which adapts to them.  While I am a huge fan of P90X and Insanity I would love to put my program, Chair-A-Cise ( chair exercise program, against them. I have done the Insanity workout and I have been training at a high fitness level for over 15 years and was sucking wind when finished. I could imagine what it’s like if I were 300+ pounds.

Chair-A-Cise adapts to your fitness level whether you are 120, 220, or 320 pounds because it uses body weight, leverage, and balance so whether you are the incredible hulk or Sally slim you will get a great workout.  The Chair-A-Cise Series is strategically designed to take you from turtle to rabbit.  Chair-A-Cise the original is a total body beginner workout, Chair-A-Cise 2 compliments Chair-A-Cise and gradually increases cardio and strength training, Chair-A-Cise Turbo is a fast paced intense exercise program and Chair-A-Cise Abs is a total abs workout.  So come on turtle let’s get started so we can become the rabbit.

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