Frequently asked questions

Is Chair-A-Cise for Seniors or older people?

Chair-A-Cise is specifically designed for people to lose weight rapidly. Other, most, chair exercise programs are desinged to just keep you active and moving. This progam is more intense. The Chair-A-Cise movements are medium and high intensity using low impact movements. Included are circuit training, interval training and bootcamp style movements. We have taken the most popular standing movements such as sprints, jumping jacks, etc.. and transformed them into innovative chair movements.

Can you really lose a significant amount of weight in a chair?

Yes, with Chair-A-Cise. Please review our testimonial page where people have lost over 100 lbs using our program. Many losing up to 7-10 pounds in 3-6 days (using the Chair-A-Cise workouts and eating program). With my over 15 years of training people with major weight loss, fat burning, and toning I have brought those same amazing results to chair exercising.

Why should I exercise in a chair?

Chair-A-Cise is just one of many options in reaching your fitness goals. Chair-A-Cise gives you the same results (better) as any of the leading standing exercises with less stress on your ligaments, tendons and joints.

Won't I  look old exercising in a chair?

Would you rather look old for 30 minutes a day or feel old all day. The Chair-A-Cise 60 Day Rapid Weight Loss program will have you looking and feeling younger. Most people who you are concerned about probably can't finish the Chair-A-Cise 30 minute program

What equipment do I need?

The way I created the Chair-A-Cise program women only need 3-5 lbs and men 5-8 lbs dumbbells. The designed of the program is such you don't need major resistance. I am in much better shape than the average man and the way the program is created the 8 pounds is more than enough. Additionally, you need a chair (preferrably without sidearms) which can support your weight and the weight of the dumbbells. Last, the chair height should allow you to place your feet flat (toes, balls of feet and heels) on the ground sitting from the back of the chair.

How often should I do Chair-A-Cise

You have several options. With the 60 Day Rapid Weight Loss Program the daily exercise calendar tells you which video to do each day and what rest days to take. You can subscribe monthly and choose the videos you like and do them at your convenience. This has many of the past videos and upcoming videos are also added. You can rent or purchase the videos

What's included in the 60 Day Rapid Weight Loss Program?

1.Daily Exercise Calendar so you will know what to do each day. It's your blueprint to success. (what days to do cardio, strength training, to resting, etc..) 2. Eating Plan designed to keep you fueled up and not starving. No counting calories but portion control. 3. 6 Videos designed specifically for rapid weight loss, toning and strength training. The average times are 30-40 minutes.