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  • Who is Chair-A-Cise for?
    Chair-A-Cise is designed specifically for people whose goal is to lose weight rapidly. Unlike other chair exercise programs whose goal is to just keep you moving and active Chair-A-Cise is designed for "immediate results" using mostly medium/high intensity movements and exercises while remaining low impact. The 60 Day Rapid Weight Loss program is designed to take you from beginner, to intermediate to advanced fitness as you advance through the videos.
  • How can I lose weight and tone sitting in a chair?
    Easy, Chair-A-Cise has transformed the most effective standing exercises such as jumping jacks, sprints, and the most efective strength training exercises such as chest presses, shoulder presses, and curls and transformed them into fat burnng chair exercises. Same results. Who ever said you have to stand up to get great results? Please see amazing testimonials and results
  • What if I have bad knees, lower back, feet concerns, etc..?"
    We always recommend checking with your doctor/health care professional before beginning any exercise program including Chair-A-Cise. However, the uniqueness of Chair-A-Cise is that while you are sitting (as oppose to standing) you have less stress on the lower ligament, tendons and joints (i.e. the top half of your body is not placing additional weight/stress on your lower body.
  • Do I need weights and if so how many pounds?
    Some of the Chair-A-Cise workouts uses weights. The uniqueness of Chair-A-Cise is women only need 3-5 pounds and men 5-8 pounds to tone. Most guys question if this is enough weight to get good toning results. I designed this program to be challenging for someone like me (much stronger and muscular than most guys-not bragging if its true) but yet effective enough to provide good resistance without having to purchase heavy, bulky weight. Always feel free to increase weight if you can maintain good form, however I doubt you will need to. Also, it's very important to be sure your chair can support your body weight and any addtional weight you use.
  • How often should I use Chair-A-Cise
    It depends of your fitness goals. Chair-A-Cise may be used up to 5-6 times a week or 2-3 times a week. For toning/strength training use the videos with weights 3 times a week and for weight loss use the cardio videos 3-5 times. However, most of the vidoes have a combination of strength training and cardio (please read the descriptions). The 60 Day Rapid Weight Loss program provides a daily exercise calendar as a guide directing what to do each day.
  • Tell me about the 90 Day Program Guarantee
    We are confident when you try the 60 Day Rapid Weight Loss program it will provide amazing results, therefore, we are allowing you a 90 Day Money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied just return the program in its origainl packaging and you will recieve a 100% refund minus shipping and handling.
  • What type of Chair do I need?
    1. Chair which allows you to place your entire foot on the ground. 2. Chair without rolling wheels 3. Chair which will support your body weight plus the weights used for the exercise. 4. Chair preferably without side arms 5. Chair with cushion may provide additional comfort. 5. Chair which will not slide on the surface it's on (very important).
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