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Top 5 Reason Women Should Strength Train

I am sure you have heard women should not strength train because it makes them look bulky but usually those are the ones who are bodybuilding so that's their goal. Most women at the gym who strength train consistently have a nice toned appearance. Far from a man. Here are 5 reasons women should strength train

1. Appearance= You can change your body type from a pear or iron board shape to an hourglass shape or even a body builder (if that's what you want)

2. Minimize Pain= A strong body makes it easier on your joints, provides better posture and may reduce hip, back and knee pain.

3. Slow muscle deterioration= As you age your body has muscle loss and strength training greatly slows the deterioration process down.

4.Independent= The stronger you are the less you have to rely on others. Being stronger allows you to push, pull, move and manipulate heavier things without the assistance of others.

5. Reduces Injury= As you build muscle your ligaments, tendons and joints become stronger causing less chance for injury regardless of age.

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