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Chair-A-Cise Works..I've lost over 100 lbs.

"I had reached a weight where I exceeded the ratings of all home fitness equipment. I couldn’t walk as exercise as the weight on my ankles kept causing injury. There was no nearby pool to swim in (and I was too embarrassed to be in a swim suit) I stumbled upon Chair-a-cise and found something that would work for me! It was a real workout, but I was able to exercise without injury. Along with serious changes in eating habits, medical supervision, and Chair-a-cise, I’ve lost over 100lbs. No, I did not have surgery.

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Dennis After (2)

Chair-a-cise works, but you have to turn on the DVD, get in the chair and do the work. It’s geared for regular people who are overweight, not Olympic champions. You can do it. I guarantee it’s not beyond you. Just get the DVD’s and start working out. The exercises don’t look silly like so many that one sees in workout DVD’s. I’m 50 years old. If I can do it, you can do it. The workout includes models performing at a modified (more gentle) workout all the way to the intense folks. There will be a level that meets your current ability on the DVD".

–Den C., California

–Den C., California

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“Chairacise is a great workout that offers you a great balance of cardio and strength conditioning exercises. Anyone can do it. its portable, its fun, and the best thing is with chairacise there are never ever any excuses and the best workout you have ever had is only a DVD away.”
-D. Taylor

“I was tired of being tired and overweight. I needed a change…”



“When I began working out – it was the first time I had ever tried fitness in my life. I was tired of being tired and overweight. I needed a change, so I connected with Daryl Madison as a trainer and he introduced me to the Chair-a-cise program. I could barely lift a 2lb weight – but under Daryl’s direction and the Chair-a-cise program, I was able to build my strength and lose inches. I recommend Chair-a-cise to anyone who is ready to make the changes necessary to get fit and make fitness a lifestyle. “

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I feel great and am so grateful for the success I am experiencing…”    


“In July, I experienced severe headaches and fatigue. After visiting my doctor, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. This diagnosis made me more determine to lose weight. 

Chair-a-cise was very challenging for me. The comparison meal  plans are great and very doable. I ate regular food including fruit, vegetables and snacks. I was rarely hungry and sometimes found it challenging to get all my meals and snacks in. The meals are not like a diet but a change in lifestyle.

I would recommend Chair-a-cise to anyone wishing to lose weight or just exercise on a regular basis. I have completed my Quick weight loss and 10 week program and I continue to follow the meal plan as well as exercise daily.

Today I feel great and am so grateful for the success I am experiencing. Thanks Daryl”  --------Melissa 

I met with Daryl on Sunday, October 24 to begin the chair-a-cise program weighing 255lbs. I was committed to the quick weight loss program and wanted to follow up with the 10 week plan. At the end of ten weeks, I had lost a total of 30lbs and over 25 inches!

"As of this date, June 30th 2014 I have lost a total of 36 pounds. When I first started my weight was 220 lbs. and today I weight 184 lbs. I have gone from a size 24 to a size 18 and that hangs on me. Yes!

I like because I don’t have to worry about injury.. this program works with or without weights". --- Georgia Graham (Albuquerque, N.M.

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Chad, formerly 500 pounds, has a great Chair-A-Cise Testimonial

Beth lost 42 pounds with the eating plan, 7.5 in 3 days, 30 in 3 months

Duane West, Celebrity, Pro Athlete and Motivational Speaker endorses Chair-A-Cise

Prominent Plastic Surgeon recommends Chair-A-Cise Before and After Surgery for his patient 

“I have done both Chair-A-Cise and Insanity and have found that Chair-A-Cise gives the same full body and cardio conditioning but without the joint stress. I love being able to do everything in the workout without aggravating knee and shoulder problems. I am much stronger and am able to do much more pain-free than I have in years! Thanks Chair-A-Cise”.



I was unsure whether I’d like this or not,as I had bought several other chair workouts that were awful,but I absolutely loved this!!I bought this while I was unable to do my traditional at home workouts due to a broken foot.I was so depressed over not being able to work out the way I’m used to and these workouts really made me break a sweat.They were so much fun that I continue to use them in my rotation even though my foot has healed.  —-Coleen B.


“Hello Mr. Madison! I have been using your Chair-A-Cise DVD since Jan of this year and I’m 23 lbs down (this testimonial was received April 3). My goal is to reach 40 lbs by my 40 birthday on May 11. I had a basketball knee injury when I was in middle school and it has hindered me from sticking to a good exercise/cardio program. Your DVD has changed that, it’s very friendly to my knees. I just ordered another set of your DVDs this morning to keep shooting towards my goal without excuses. Thanks so much! Your program has changed my life. ….As a fashion stylist, I change lives externally and internally (confidence) but you change the “physical” which leads to an overall boost of self-confidence. You are a life changer. I’m grateful”——- Reneka W       


 “Thanks for shipping my DVD’s so quickly. It will be great to mix up my exercise routines and be easy on my knees. Will let you know how it’s going. Your program will give me a welcomed alternative to riding my bike everyday. Thanks for your efforts. Have a great day.” -M.

“I lost 15 pounds while on the eating plan and doing Chair-A-Cise. I really enjoy the transformation. I feel healthier and more active. Not to mention I learned a lot about exercising. Like most women I wanted to work on my abs. I went from a size 38 waist to a size 33 waist. I don’t mind buying clothes that fit me now instead of two sizes bigger.” -T.

I did the eating plan AND the DVD and lost 7.5 pounds and 4.5 inches in one week!!! I love the DVD’s. – Annette

 This eating plan is awesome! I started it last week and lost 5 lbs in 5 days. I wasn’t hungry and the diet is easy to stick to!! —- Beth P

“Daryl. just want to say I received the DVD and I absolutely love it. I am bragging it up and down and sideways to anyone who will listen to me. thanks again so much.” -P.

“I tried this exercise today and it is absolutely amazing OMG I sweat like a horse I never knew one could sit and sweat so much. Thank you so much for this video. I must do it regularly.” -M.

“Hi!! Mr. Madison I been doing Chairacise for an couple of weeks. I am addicted to Chairacise. I been doing Chairacise, Chairacise 2 and Chairacise Turbo and been loving it and feeling great. you won’t believe this I worn out my dvd to let you know I will be putting in my order next week. thank you so much for creating an very different approach to exercise for people like me that can’t do the regular exercise using impact on your legs and knees. Have an blessed weekend”.  Linda A    


This exercise DVD is the best workout I’ve ever had. I have gone from a being a XXL to a large, I am hoping to get down to a medium. This exercise DVD gives a total body workout. I called the physical trainer Daryl Madison, and he was nice enough to give me pointers to move me in the right direction. He is truly a great guy. I bought the first video from Amazon, they only had part 1, but it is a 3 DVD workout. I went on line to[…] for the other 2 dvds. He really ups the pace with the other DVDs. Who would’ve thought that a chair and a pair of weights could give you a fantastic workout. Well this is it. You will not be sorry you got this exercise DVD–SL  


“OMG!! I love this!! I actually had fun just watching you! Thank you for the fresh ideas!! Keep it up!! WOW!! Fun Fun Fun stuff!!” -S.

“I have purchased several chair-type exercise videos. This one is unique in 3 ways: up-to-date interval training, simultaneous exercise of upper and lower body, and modifications for beginners. I enjoyed the circulation boosting of the fast chair jogging and just when I started to get tired, the instructor changed to slower paced toning-type movement. I like that the movements were easy and uncomplicated yes I got a nice workout. I also appreciated the modifications demonstrated by the senior student. You can tell she was a beginner and jogs a little slower and doesn’t use weights during the movement. Darryl, the instructor, is encouraging and explains the movements very well. I also liked that the music was not intrusive as many exercise videos have music that competes with the instructor. I originally purchased this from the chair-a-cise website after viewing it on ” -C.      


"I have done the Chair A Cise and the Lifestyle plan!! The Exercise and Lifestyle plan really works! The chair A cise is dvd program that you can do in the privacy of your own home! I was recovering from surgery and this was an awesome way of building up endurance for me while I was recovering and to lose weight The Lifestyle plan is only $20 and so very easy to follow. All you have to do is just follow what you can eat for each meal and snacks! You have unlimited vegetables with 6 ounces of protein. ( Like for lunch you can have 6 ounces of Chicken with unlimited vegetables that are listed). A plan that takes all the guess work out! It was nice to be able to eat 6 times a day and you stay full! Its a win win situation! —— Denise G.


“I would recommend this excellent exercise program for all those out there who don’t think their bodies are up to the effort.  I, myself, had the desire, but I’d just recovered from knee surgery and I knew weight loss would put less stress on the recuperating joint.  I was surprised to learn that you could exercise enough to lose weight sitting down.  If you are seriously out of shape as I was, you may find yourself hitting the pause button occasionally the first week while you take a few sips of coffee.  Seriously though, the young well-built gentleman inspires confidence and he has a soft voice that doesn’t shout out commands.  His exercise partners both appear to be over the age of 50, and they can keep up with him, so you should have no difficulty following along once you get the hang of things.  A physically fit son can exercise side by side with his elderly mother using this program.  The son can simply strap on some ankle weights and pick up a pair of weights to hold in his hands.  So it’s ideal for two people to use together when one is fit and the other isn’t up to the same level.  It is highly adjustable.  Their are even additional cd’s if you want to notch up the energy level to turbo speed”.  – Terrie     

This workout series was amazing!!After breaking my foot and not being able to do any traditional cardio workouts,I was so happy to have found this.I was skeptical that a chair workout would make me feel worked,but this one did and it was so much fun!!-

Colleen B. 


Good Morning,

I purchased Chair-a-cise a few years ago and enjoyed it. I have stalled in my weight loss and believe this 10 Week Transformation package will help me go further in my lifestyle change. I need to lose weight not just because it will improve my looks but because it will improve my quality of life; I suffer from arthritis in the knees and can use a workout plan that will not aggravate my knee health. –T.C. 

“Mr. Daryl, We saw you on TV and went from there. This is something the whole family is working and I needed a work out that keeps me in shape for my Air Force Reserves commitment. So we started with char-a-cise then went for the whole thing (series). We like it and are on track. Many thanks Daryl.”

-J. & P.   


This workout is mostly done in a chair but it is a total body workout.  The instructor packs a lot into 30 minutes and you will definitely be sweating.  I like that the instructor uses light hand weights.  You can do the workout with the hand weights if its to intense.  I had to build up to using the weights throughout the program..  The instructor combines upper body work with lower body work making it a more efficient workout. Included in the workout is a good warm-up, cool-down, cardio, muscular conditioning and some core work.  I think the workout is 5 star. –Beverly     


“I took a fall last week on my way to the Judge’s office. As I was stepping up onto the sidewalk I apparently didn’t raise my right foot high enough and stumped it on the curve. I took three long steps trying to straighten myself back up before hitting the ground. I thought I was going to be seriously hurt but I was able to get up and go on with a scraped knee and sore shoulder. I believe if I hadn’t been using Chair-A-Cise I would never have gotten up from this fall.” -M        


“Hi Daryl, Thanks for the Chair-A-Cise DVD! My doctor and I have made it part of my health goals and program plan! I love it!” -J.

” We brought on Chair-A-Cise for one of our challenge groups and our members loved it! Everyone at all levels of fitness were able to work up a sweat! Way less strain on our less mobile members but a good workout for all levels!” —- Lesley Marie McPherson ( “Bariatric Women’s Support Group” on Facebook with over 46,000 members)    


“I maybe lazy but I kind of like this since I spend most of my time sitting. For one thing about me is as lazy as I am I don’t like doing things easy. they have I think 1Ib bells but I like using a little heavier weights because I it’s fun for me. Some might not agree. I brought today those 5Ib Gold gym ankle/wrist weights and add them to my two 5 Ib bar bells. After I started this exercise about 1:55 I stopped to catch breath for a few minutes then went a little more and stopped at 3:10.” -S

I did this. I liked it . I am sure you will be exhausted after 32 minutes. Good workout.” -J.

“I just found this program on YouTube and completed 2 videos….AMAZING! Little impact on my knees bit I was truly sweating!!! Thanks Daryl Madison!!!”—-Jennifer

“My son surprised me with the DVD for Christmas. It is truly an amazing workout -34 minutes! My friend who works out at the gym found it really did the job, challenging and Darryl is a great motivator!” -P.

“Thanks so much for this video, I had been looking for something like this thanks again.” -L.

“I LOVE this video. Thank you, Daryl! (Be seein’ you right here again tomorrow) ” -S.

“Thank you. I do youtube workout videos every other day and have added this one to my routine. Thanks again! By the way, I’ve also lost 6 lbs too!” -Y.

“Thanks. I’m hoping for success. I’ve lost 5 lbs already doing this stuff!” -Y.

“Great exercises, easy to follow.” -D.

” I am so excited to hear this Radio Interview on Mr. Daryl Madison I hate I miss it but I did get an chance to hear it through Facebook I am excited to hear that Mr. Madison is getting an infomercial on his product an lot of people all over the world needs to know about amazing unique way to me of exercising with an chair and put strain on your joints I for one is very satisfied customer with doing his exercises on DVD’s. Thank you so much Mr. Madison for created this unique exercise. Like you said DON’T JUST EXERCISE CHAIR-A-CISE”—-Linda

“We received the Chair-a-cise DVD and have done the Chair-a-cise and the Abs routines. My wife and I both love them and are looking forward to doing the other routines. We are looking forward to getting started on the weight loss plan. Thank you for getting us off the couch and into the chairacise lifestyle. God Bless you.” -D.

“I had hit a plateau with my 45 minute high intensity walks 4 times a week. I had nice strong legs, but was still having problems with fat – especially belly fat. I started adding in chair-a-cise once or twice a day and also incorporated the chair-a-cise quick weight loss diet plan. In 3 days I could really see and feel a difference! Chair-a-cise makes a great morning/evening workout. It’s also handy for when I can’t get to the gym or out for a walk/run. I really like how it works all body areas and includes cardio and strength. I had very weak upper body strength and chair-a-cise is really making a difference.” – A.

“Love the diet. I’ve lost 6 pounds and 3 inches off my stomach since Wednesday (today is Friday). Not hungry nor craving sweets.”
Duluth, Ga.

“Just measured for 6 day. Loss of 7.5 pounds and 4.5 inches”
Gwinnett, Ga.


“Ok, I have lost 13 pounds in 3 weeks, 3 more this week”

“I started the 3 day program on Wednesday and by Saturday  I lost, 4lbs 3.4 Inches. WOW!”
Decatur, GA

“I lost 14 pounds on the weight loss program and I am back to my size I was 10 years ago. I Feel Great!!!!!” – J.

I must admit that I was skeptical but when at the end of the 6 day plan I saw I had lost over 10 pounds, I was a believer! CHAIR-A-Cise really works!”
Powder Springs, Georgia

“I am a 45 year old. CHAIR-A-Cise has given me the ability to workout again! I feel better about myself and it shows in my attitude and my clothes!” – Decatur, Georgia 

“Within 3 days I lost 14 pounds using the CHAIR-A-Cise Weight Loss Exercise and Meal Plan!”
Atlanta, Georgia

"I just tried this video out today and was VERY impressed. I have arthritis but do some sort of exercise almost everyday. I do the walking track in our park some days, ride my recumbent bike everyday for various lengths of time, and I also have other DVD’s that I use. I figured I was advanced enough to skip the first video segment but decided since I didn’t know the moves I should do it first. BOY WAS I SURPRISED. I GOT A GREAT FULL BODY WORKOUT-BETTER THAN ANY OF MY OTHER DVD’S.

The only part I didn’t do was the squats. However, I had a small issue with my first DVD and when I contact the seller they promptly replaced my DVD. I did tell them I had previewed the video and could not do the squats per physician orders and he told me that was no problem – just keep moving and it would be fine. I am glad I started with #1. Well worth the money and great customer service—- JJ

“I bought this as an alternate exercise program for days I cannot bike ride outdoors. I have arthritis in both knees, so standing exercises are difficult for me. I LOVE this program. Daryl is straightforward with a pleasant personality and soothing voice. No screeching, no cheesy jokes, just clear explanations, and simple encouragement. Nothing fancy, simple background, pleasant music, assistants are regular people. So far I have done the first two routines, and found them easy to follow, but still felt a good workout. If you looking for a good chair exercise program, try this one._ —- SW

Recently we invite Daryl to participate in our Healthy Holiday Challenge.  He jumped on board and did an amazing job.  He did live chair-a-cise workouts within the group.  At first, I wondered if they would actually be strenuous enough.  Then I tried it!  WOW!  I was working up a sweat in no time.  I reached my target heart rate quickly and maintained it throughout the workout.  The best part, was I did it right in my living room, with things I already had!  It was easy on my back, and greatly engaged my core.  I would recommend this program to everyone.  I hope to with with Daryl again soon!!!!!

Ashley Justice 

Bariatric Women

“Love Chair A Cise. I hate to exercise but this allows me to fit it in between coming from work and starting homework with my kids. I know that I can get a good workout in 30 minutes (I don’t have to be super coordinated to keep up). I don’t have time to walk for an hour. My 13 year old twins are using it to firm up their abs and strength building. I can see and feel the results and it’s only been a month. Thanks so much and God bless you!” – Myra

“Hi Daryl, I just finished Chair-a-cise one – it was fun and challenging at the same time. This is a great workout program and I really do appreciate what you have created. Thanks!” – Shanna

“I teach a DVD-lead seated exercise class and am really looking forward to sharing your series with them. I wish you well. You are improving health and changing lives! All the best.” – Korena

” I have been frustrated trying to find ways to exercise without putting weight on my knee and having to use it to exercise besides bike riding and swimming. After checking out the web I found chair exercises for seniors. While this is good and I am not quite a senior, I was looking for some type of exercise that would bring my heart rate up to assist in the weight loss process. I found your website and reviewed the You tube video.

“I researched all the chair exercises and yours seems to be the only one that addresses weight loss, cardio, aerobics, etc. for people who are not SENIORS.” – Barrie

“Dr. Whiteman recommend Chair-A-Cise because of an upcoming surgery I’m having. I did everything by the book & lost 6 lbs.” -L

“My son purchased this for me for Christmas. You get a serious workout without leaving the house. This trainer is charismatic which makes it go quickly. You sweat, get your heartbeat up and tone. He uses this method to train athletes as well. You’ll love it!”-Pamela (Ventura, CA)

“This is a great 30 minute exercise video for all all ages and all fitness levels! The instructor gives great instructions and the models are easy to follow. This is the first exercise video/class that allowed me to get a good workout the first time. Usually, the set is over before I’ve figured out how to do the specific exercise (I’m not the most coordinated person). The 12 reps seem perfect for pushing the muscles without overdoing it. “-A. Rogers

“My eating habits have not changed however, I’ve gained weight due to lack of exercise. This DVD is a perfect solution for me to accomplish my goal. I am very excited about achieving my results and am so glad that someone had the foresight to create such a product. Kudos for an excellent workout!!!” -B.Clack

“I purchased the one combo DVD with all 4 workouts and my class loves it. The workouts are short, between 25-15 minutes but work the entire body. GREAT for young or old, looking to mix up their treadmill/walking routine, especially women who shy away from weights. The combo of upper and lower with hand weights makes good use of the short workout time. Daryl is motivating and personable to watch, he really keeps you moving. He’s really a great trainer, he knows when you need to drop your shoulders, pull in your abs, breathe, all great instruction on form and intensity.

I recommend this to anyone to add variety, especially if you can’t get outside on rainy, hot or cold days. I am young, healthy and fit and I love to workout with my class! GREAT BUY and FUN! ” – Klyn

“Dear Mr. Madison, I just purchased your Chair-A-Cise DVD over a week ago and I have to tell you, it is awesome! I am truly enjoying it.I have several exercise DVDs but yours is the best. It is unique. Chair-A-Cise allow me to exercise every part of my body. I started using it a few days ago and I am truly enjoying it. I have to recommend it to my friends. Thank you and God bless.” – C. Johnson

“I would and have recommended this video to people of all physical abilities. I use it myself and find I have toned up problem areas with ease. Using this video is a great way to incorporate family time into a busy schedule. Thank you Daryl for making exercise fun for all.” -Lynn Leo RD,LD,CDE

“Chair-a-cise is an excellent way to increase your activity, no matter your age or current activity level. My patients find that they are able to meet the recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week with Chair-a-cise because it does not cause back pain or knee pain associated with walking and treadmills. Let Chair-a-cise help you meet your weight loss goals!”
–Brooks Locke RD,LD/Bariatric Dietitian | Southern Crescent Physicians Group

I had the pleasure of attending the Chair-a-cise session at
the SouthEast VSG Conference. The thought of  exercising in
a chair was different and left me feeling quite exuberant. I
didn’t realize it would wear me out but it did.  For 45
minutes we exercised just by sitting in a chair and I was
sweating and feeling like I’d performed high impact
aerobics when it was done. It was FUN!!——– Angela Lindsey


“If you asked me if I could obtain a great cardio workout from sitting in a chair, I would have told you no!  But, ever since Daryl demonstrated ‘Chair-A-Cise’ at our bariatric support group, my opinion is forever changed!  I was sweating, out of breath and could hear my heart pounding all because of his chair exercise program.  He has a contagious enthusiasm that kept me pumped throughout the session.  Two more reasons I greatly enjoyed his program is that since I was sitting, I was able to easily adjust my intensity, AND my knees did not hurt!  This is perfect for bariatric / obese patients who suffer from joint pain or decreased range of motion.  The entire group enjoyed it and loved the alternative to traditional exercise!

Kasey LaPointe, RD, LD

Bariatric Coordinator (Emory Healthcare)

“The Chair-A-Cise program is a fun, new approach
to exercise for all ages and sizes. I recommend Chair-A-Cise
to my patients who are struggling with joint pain or who
simply want a new, fun way to exercise. We were so impressed
by Daryl’s Chair-a-Cise demonstration, we have invited
him back many times, he is a great motivator with an
infectious, fun personality that engaged all of our
patients. Daryl’s Chair A Cise program is not one size
fits all, he is able to personalize the exercises so that
all of our support group members could participate. Thanks
Daryl for making exercise fun!”

Tori Delgado RDN, LD
Clinical Dietitian
Emory Bariatric Center

” We brought on Chair-A-Cise for one of our challenge groups and our members loved it! Everyone at all levels of fitness were able to work up a sweat! Way less strain on our less mobile members but a good workout for all levels!” —- Lesley Marie McPherson ( “Bariatric Women’s Holiday 6 Week Challenge”)


” Hi Daryl, I like what you’ve ceated. Great job….Keep up the good work. You’ve fulfilled a big need for people everywhere.” -Lee Haney, 8 time Mr. Olympia (Bodybuilding Champion)

“We at Virginia Premier Health Plan are ecstatic to have Chair-a-cise as a part of our wellness program. It has been a welcome addition, and it is versatile enough for the beginner to use as well as the seasoned veteran. We have already received rave reviews from our users, employees as well as members. It is much more economical than going to the gym. Thanks Chair-a-cise!”-LaJune D. Fowlkes, Health Educator/Community Relations Liaison

“I feel your workouts are just as good if not better than Beachbody..I’m telling my friends that need a seated workout to jump on it. “-E. Johnson

“This program is perfect for many of our patients who would otherwise not be able to exercise properly.”-Dr. Scott D. Steinberg, Bariatric Program, Surgical Weight Loss Center at DeKalb Medical

“We invited Daryl to our support group for a Chair-a-cise demo.  A lot of our bariatric patients have joint problems and we are recommending Chair-a-cise as an alternative to those who feel they can’t stand for long periods of time or the stress on their joints is to much.  We all spread out in our chairs and started the workout.  Let me tell was great to see everyone involved and engaged in the workout.  And it was a workout.  Daryl made the class fun but also got our heart rate up and the exercises were great.  The patients loved it!”

Katherine D. Kemp
Bariatric Coordinator/Department Manager 
Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Clinical Reviewer
Surgical Weight Loss Center at DeKalb Medical 

“Daryl Madison’s Chair-A-Cise program is a wonderful alternative to traditional exercise routines.  I recommend chair exercises to many of my patients who have joint pain or have trouble standing for longer periods of time.  Chair-A-Cise is a cut above the rest because of Daryl’s expertise in personal training and fitness.  Daryl has a passion for helping people get fit and it shows through his encouragement and enthusiasm during the workouts!”

Meagan Moyer, MPH, RD, LD

Coordinator of Nutrition Services, Emory Bariatric Center

“I had to find another way to get my exercise due to chronic Bursitis in both of my hips for the last four years. My doctor suggested shorter circuit exercises that uses upperbody. After doing research I found your DVD and
for the last Two weeks I really love doing your workout!”  – Lori

“I have MS and have limited use of my legs. This has become a favorite DVD in my collection and I use it at least 4 times a week. Easy to follow, a quicker pace and a perfect length. Would love to see more. Thanks for a great product”.—– TMK

“Outstanding DVD. This exercise DVD is exactly what I was searching for following a foot surgery limiting mobility. The program is short enough not to feel overwhelmed while giving an excellent workout with minimal pressure for those having some physical limitations. My entire family has enjoyed this program and simply limit movement in areas we are unable do due to prior surgery and physical restrictions. I would recommend this DVD…worth the price”.—-STAR

“My family cardiovascular and physical strength have improved tremendously from doing Chair-A-Cise three (3) times a week. Harris Renne, my grand -daughter who is nine (9) years of age has used two (2) pound weights doing Chair-A-Cise with me. She thinks it is fun. It’s the only exercise my husband does with me (except walking daily) because it has improved his/our cardiovascular and physical strength. Also it’s a wonderful exercise to maintain and loose weight; in addition it has lowered my blood pressure, cholesterol level and controlled my diabetes.” -Susan R. Roach, Lithia Springs, GA

“Wow, this is the best I have found. I was walking, but knees started to ache, so I was looking for something gentle but not like for seniors. I also tried every fade equipment you see on TV, and they ended up not working for me, or hurting somewhere. I do not want to jog or get on the floor or do boxing, you know those videos. The senior chair exercises are too slow for me. I found yours to be just right. You make it so easy to follow, thank you for that. I am using 1 lb weights and that seems perfect. Every other time I use your DVD I use the weights so one time no weights and then the other time weights. I love the way I feel after using this chairacise, like you say I feel like I have been to gym. I am sure soon I will be using the 1lb weights every time. “-Susan

“I worked out with your DVD including on Labor Day. I had purchase all three workouts. it has been amazing for me because I can workout while sitting on an chair with having bad knees and very needed knee replacements but need to lose weight. with your workouts sitting on the chair with eating right I have lost 10 pounds thank you for your Dvds. God Bless.” -Linda A.

“I don’t normally comment on videos but I had my VSG on 10/20/10 and I have a torn ligament in my ankle so I can’t do like aerobics and stuff. So what I have bought is the Chairacise exercise dvd. It’s really awesome and trust me, you sweat. You can amp it up or slow it down, whatever your ability is but you do it all sitting in a chair. I hope this helps and congrats on your great weight loss so far!!” – W.Weathersby

“As a polio survivor who is ambulatory but not able to exercising standing for long periods of time, I decided to purchase a number of seated exercise videos. I find this is a great video for all around exercise. Strength, aerobics and toning all in one…terrific. Just be aware that Daryl does have leg movements, but you can adapt these if you have limited use of your legs. The only complaint is the long ‘commercial’ at the front – after the first time listening, you have to fast forward through.” -Suzanne

“This dvd had the 3 characteristics that I need: 1) You are able to workout to the DVD with the instructor. 2) Motivating instructor. 3) Alternative variations for beginners. ---- Unknown

“I own a few chair exercise dvds and this one is the best for a true overall aerobic and toning workout. The movements are easy but you will SWEAT! The instructor is motivating and I like that he counts the number of reps out loud.” -N.R.

“I am in a wheelchair (MS) and I expected this to be a wheelchair-friendly workout. It is, well sort of. I can do all the exercises in the routine, but Ii have to modify it slightly. it is a very good workout, makes me sweat. I have lost 3 lbs so far. even my husband says it looks like a good workout and he goes to health club 3 times/week. This would also be good for anyone w/ bad knees or hips or back. I enjoy doing this workout.” -E.F.

“I really enjoyed the video. It gave me a great workout. But, I wish the video had more variations to the movements, especially in the section where the squats are, I wasn’t able to do the squats. I wish there was another variation when came down to the toning section, in crossing the legs, while toning the abdomen. I have a problem crossing my legs. But, other than that, I enjoyed the video.” -Unknown

“I was very excited to recieve my dvd in the mail. Once I did it I felt empowered. I suffer from depression and like to exercise to help with it. I could only find my daughter’s five pound weights to use and I could hardly keep up but I will get better with time God willing. You get to do cardio and ab work and weight lifting to build your muscles which we all know muscle burns fat. This is the best sit down workout I own. I have a bad knee due to all the weight I have and I was even able to do the squats I just modified them to half squats. I am also changing my diet to include more fruits and vegetables so I can lose twenty pounds by Christmas I am hoping. Buy this dvd if you are serious about losing weight and getting toned up. I really think this was a great investment.” -G.J

“The exercises in the video are great. I agree, the squats are not appropriate for everyone. There is a woman in the video showing the modified version but she still does the squats. Even without the squats your legs get a great workout. I am impressed by that. I had a problem with the disk, I notified the seller and the issue was resolved immediately. Impressive customer service.” -L.S.

“Hi Daryl, We love the chair work out. We are not athletic so we want to exercise for our health and also feel good. We have three different chair workouts DVD’s. Yours is the hardest for us. We know we’ve had a good work out when we do your DVD. We like everything about it and like your personality. I’m not overweight but my husband is 30 lb. over weight. Thank you so much.” – Barbara T.

“Hello I tried this exercise at a pet expo and loved it! Thanks for introducing this type of invigorating exercise I am hooked! This is great way for me to work my upper body and mid-section.” – C. Jones

“I just did your dvd for the first time and loved it. I am a plus size woman with a bad knee and I was even able to do the squats. I was impressed with the entire workout. I LOVE this dvd and want a couple of more in the future. Great idea you did.” -G. Johnson

“Hi!! I did my Chairacise 2 and Chairacise Turbo and Chairacise Abs this weekend I feel great. Woohoo I love the dvd because all the chairacises workouts are in one dvd I can choose anyone while playing one dvd on my dvd player.” – L. Anderson

“I own this video and it actually does work. I messed up my ankles a couple of months ago right as I was starting to lose weight via another method (my dr. said do it or die). It was a real set-back and rather depressing. However, I found the C-A-C video and I’ve been getting a great workout. It wears me out just like my treadmill did, but I’m working all areas of my body. I don’t work for C-A-C nor do I know Daryl Madison, but here’s my honest opinion: C-A-C works. Just be faithful to it.” – D.

“Great exercise program!!! Best way for me to do exercises without being on my feet and I still sweat. Daryl is a great motivator, which is very important.” – S.B.

“Chair-a-cise is an great exercise program and Daryl is an great motivator. I am hooked and love the exercises. I have two bad knees and will be gettng my knee replacement in March. I will be in physical shape and have an speedy recovery because of the exercising I been doing using Chair-a-cise. I am eating healthy and losing the weight. I just looked on the website and I see new Chair-a-cise workouts. I will be ordering them next month.” – L.A.

“Purchased this item for my Mom who is a Senior Citizen. We invited my sisters who both 40+ to work out with us and this DVD was a huge hit. It was challenging enough for my sisters and I as well as gentle enough for my Mom. High recommend!” – C.C.

“Long story short: I was 200lbs overweight. I’m in my late 40’s and my health started to fail. The doc said I could still turn things around if I started now otherwise I was headed for some really bad times, so I started working to lose weight and get healthy. Part way through my journey, I injured both my ankles and couldn’t continue. So, I looked for something I could do from a chair and found Chair-a-cise. I’m currently down 50lbs and am moving forward again.

The videos are good quality. They’re not Hollywood productions with stars leading the routines, but the video and audio are both clean and easy to view. Daryl Madison does a great job making you feel included in the workout while being sincere. His models are real people at different places in their fitness journey.

In each video, you’ll do stretching and cardio. Chair-a-cise 1 & 2 and the Strength training video all use dumbell weights as well. Don’t think for a second that you’ll stop moving at any point. You’re kept moving in between exercises. You’ll get use the phrase “Run it out!”. Like other posters, I can’t do the squats that show up briefly in the routine, I just keep “Running it Out”.

Here’s the best part: I had questions and Daryl Madison emailed me back personally. I doubt many other (if any) trainers would take such a sincere concern about our success after our money has been spent on the videos. He was encouraging and even checked back with me later on to ensure that everything was going okay. I did some checking on his background. He’s a well known trainer in the Atlanta area that is published, endorsed, and has appeared on television. I’ve never met him personally (just a couple of emails), but his encouragement has really been an added boost to my morale in my efforts. That really showed integrity. He has many other videos on the chair-a-cise website. I’ve bought others and they’re all very good. It’s really fun as well. Sure beats the treadmill and just walking. I had purchased videos from other trainers, but after my success with Chair-a-cise videos, I sent the others back that were unopened. Chair-a-cise is the best kept secret in town. And no, I’m not part of the company, I don’t know Daryl Madison, and I haven’t received any sort of benefit for this review. It’s just the truth. It’s an inexpensive way to have a good workout without having to go to the gym or buy expensive equipment.” -D.C.

“Hi, I just purchased Chair-a-cise and I really like it. Thanks again for a great program. I’m really enjoying exercise for the first time.” -Unknown

“I Did My Chair-a-Cise Dvd!!!!!!!!!! I got it in the mail a few days ago. It is a cardio and strength workout with weights. The only weights I could find were find pound ones my daughter has and boy I couldn’t hardly keep up with the trainer. But that will come in time,God willing.”

“My gift to myself is to get healthy again. I think my knee and joints will improve a little when there is less weight on them to lug around. Muscle burns fat and this workout dvd works your muscles really well. It will be nice to get a bicep toned again and the wiggly part of my triceps under control. I CAN DO THIS!” -W.W.

“Purchased this item for my Mom who is a Senior Citizen. We invited my sisters who both 40+ to work out with us and this DVD was a huge hit. It was challenging enough for my sisters and I as well as gentle enough for my Mom. High recommend!” -C.C.

“Once I got past the cheesiness, though, I’ve found the workout to be challenging yet easy on my 62-year-old knees. The seller sent me a letter before I received the video telling me how to use the product with the results I could expect – a nice touch!” – L.W.

“I like that I can do them seated. It is as good as other dvds that I have,better in that I can do it seated.” – L.R.

I lost seven pounds now. My weight was fluctuating but I weighed in today first thing in the morning. I worked out to my chair a cise and am drinking my water and took my multivitamin. My weights seem to be getting lighter so I may now add three pound weights to my chair a cise routine. I’m so GLAD there is a workout I can do from a chair.


"I have done both Chair-A-Cise and Insanity and have found that Chair-A-Cise gives the same full body and cardio conditioning but without the joint stress. I love being able to do everything in the workout without aggravating knee and shoulder problems. I am much stronger and am able to do much more pain-free than I have in years! Thanks Chair-A-Cise.


Hello – I received the DVD over the weekend and already had one workout. DVD is great. I will let my friends know that this is a great way for a very good all around workout.
Thanks again,

“I have to say I am entirely impressed with the Chair-a-Cise program. I have lost six pounds already. When I get the money I am ordering myself more of them as a reward for myself. Darryl keep up the great work. You guys rock. G. ”

G. Johnson

“I have two of his dvds (chairacise) and it is just like he says. Just bought the cardio dvd and if you want to sweat while sitting, this is it. It is a very fast paced video and you work very hard. I am injured and can’t do exercises standing up, this is perfect for me. It prepares me for a few operations I will be having in 2014.”


“My husband and I worked the DVD for the first time yesterday. He did it to humor me but found that he got quite a workout too!


Having a busy life it was important that my health represent the person I am on the inside. So I decided to try something that not only was easy and fit into my routine but also was not an outrageous price. This program fit both of those categories quite well. I started on April 17 and culminated on August 1st. The results were immediate and that shocked even me. I lost 40 lbs,  and I am so happy. I know this sounds crazy but it changed my life. I have learned a lot about health and my body. A great perk that makes me smile even now is that I can fit into my jeans from high school. Smile--------D

“I did have an great weekend. I did my exercises by using Chairacise Turbo and Chairacise 2. I will soon order Chairacise Super Series. I love doing my exercises on my chair using my Chairacise dvds with one bad knee and just had my knee replacement done on the other. Chairacise has help me along with eating right get back on track and start losing weight again. Thank you Daryl Madison for created this amazing exercise workouts while using an chair for an person like me can get my workouts in without being in such pain standing. I don’t have to stand up I can have an good workout while sitting down.” Linda A

I have MS and have limited use of my legs. This has become a favorite DVD in my collection and I use it at least 4 times a week. Easy to follow, a quicker pace and a perfect length. Would love to see more. Thanks for a great product.——- TMK

Outstanding DVD. This exercise DVD is exactly what I was searching for following a foot surgery limiting mobility. The program is short enough not to feel overwhelmed while giving an excellent workout with minimal pressure for those having some physical limitations. My entire family has enjoyed this program and simply limit movement in areas we are unable do due to prior surgery and physical restrictions. I would recommend this DVD…worth the price




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