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Why Do People Fail At Weight Loss? An Honest Answer From A Personal Trainer

As personal trainers we are often asked, “why can’t I lose weight? I have tried everything”.  Of course after a little research it’s admitted there are some things which have not been done or done consistently.  And often I, as other trainers, try to point out what you could do differently without hurting your feeling or offending you.  But for today since you are not in front of me and I am not trying to make a sell (smile) I will be a little more aggressive with the answer to several questions.  There are at least 3 reasons why most people fail at losing weight.

1. Lazy- just don’t want to put the hard work and effort in. Want the results but not willing to pay the price.  Although it didn’t take much effort to put the weight on- actually it was kind of enjoyable, it takes a heck of a lot of work to get it off.

Solution- stop being lazy. No great advanced philosophy in terms which are complicated. Nothing is going to happen until you decide enough is enough. As Nike slogan goes, “Just Do It”. No long motivating speech which you have heard 20 times. All the TIME talking and making excuses are not going to assist in weight loss and would serve you better using it (time) exercising.

2. Addicted to food- this is basically a sugar coated term meaning you are to undisciplined to make the sacrifice of resisting or restricting certain foods. Until this changes you will not change.

Solution- Look, there is no way around this. The quicker you realize this and make adjustments the quicker you will reach your goals. Commit to a permanent eating plan which does not place unrealistic/unreasonable demands and you can stick to for a long period of time.

3. Lastly- I am not good at exercising. Usually this means I am to cheap to hire a trainer to motivate and encourage me or to invest in a fitness DVD program or don’t want to pay the monthly gym membership because you know you are not going to continue to exercise after 2 or 3 months.

Solution- Cut some of the things you are spending on temporary gratification and think of living a long term quality life.  Apply the money from getting your hair done every week or two, or the new monthly shoes or the many fast food joints and apply toward something that will give you a healthy, long life. (For more information on weight loss DVDs visit

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