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Weight Loss DVD for the Lazy and Unmotivated

Do you want to lose weight but are lazy and unmotivated? Yet, you hate your stomach hanging over the belt (some call that a “muffin top”) or the fat which hangs over the sides or back of the bra.  Your look in the mirror is a quick glance and you only look at the top half scared to look down. You hate these feelings but not enough to get off your butt and exercise.   After all you haven’t exercised consistently for about 5 years. So what are you to do?

Well those workout DVDs with the buffed and body beautiful models are not for you. After trying it one time you remember why you haven’t exercised in years. Now you put the DVD on the shelf with the other stack of exercise DVD’s, sit down and are back at square one. It feels good just to sit, relax and give your body a break. Hey, what if you could lose weight doing your favorite activity you are doing right now….sitting on your ass. Chair-A-Cise is a weight loss, fat burning and toning chair exercise program.  So, since you are doing the major part of the workout anyway (sitting) why not lose the extra 20 pounds doing what you really enjoy– sitting. Now you can receive the same results as P90x, Insanity, Tae-Bo, Hip Hop Abs or any of the DVDs on your shelf without getting out your chair. With Chair-A-Cise there are no excuses. (For more information visit

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