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Top 3 Home Exercise Programs

In these economic times you may not want or can afford to pay the $50 a month to join a gym. So now is the time to consider the home exercise programs. Of course the cheapest and easiest cardio is walking. But it takes forever to see results. You can also run but will probably be winded and dog tired  in about 5 minutes after starting not to mention the aches on the knees.  However, there are 3 affordablble, effective and fun home exercise programs such as:

1.Turbo Jam- a high intensity DVD which tones, sculpts and has great cardio. It’s a combination of dancing and kickboxing. The music is high energy and keeps you moving the entire time.

2. Chair-A-Cise – gives you the ability to lose weight, burn fat and tone all while sitting in a chair. The series of DVD’s are designed to take you from beginner to excellent fitness. Gives the same results as other top exercise programs without risking serious injury or placing stress on the lower joints, tendons and ligaments. This is not your grandma’s slow chair exercise program but a medium to fast paced workout. (

3. P90X- The strength and ab DVD workouts are great. Tony Horton the instructor is fun and really guides but pushes you through the exercises. The program is intense but many of the moves can be modified.

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