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Quick Weight Loss with Muscle Confusion

Many of today’s most popular and successful weight loss programs such as P90X, Insanity, and Chair-A-Cise use “muscle confusion” as a major part of their exercise program. But what exactly is muscle confusion? Sure we hear the term and it sounds like it works but what does it do and how does it provide quick weight loss. Well muscle confusion allows you to create variety in your training program. Simply put if you continue the same  program your weight loss and muscle gains will cease because your body adapts so quickly to the exercises.

So how do you incorporate muscle confusion? Well, challenge your body by changing your routine every 2-4 weeks by varying the number of sets, exercises, reps, rest time, training times and days and equipment.  By implementing these simple points you will maximize your weight loss and strength training programs. An additional benefit is muscle confusion keeps you mentally fresh and improves your motivation (For more information on muscle confusion workouts visit ).

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