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Quick Weight Loss Exercise Program For Those With “Knee Issues”

A major issue of people who are overweight is knee pain. The additional weight causes damage or wearing down of the ligaments, tendons and cartilage causing the knee to deteriorate over time.  A way to prevent further damage is to lose weight by exercising. However this can be easier said than done.

Exercising for people with knee issues may be very challenging.  Jumping up and down, sudden stops and starts may prove to be very difficult, painful and uncomfortable.  Although walking is good you are still standing which is applying pressure to the knees.  Additionally, with just walking weight loss may come very slow and the knees will continue to have issues.  A solution is to consider a chair exercise program which removes the weight and stress of your upper body from your knees.  However the key is not to select just any chair exercise DVD but one such as Chair-A-Cise which is specifically designed for weight loss as oppose to just keeping you moving and active. A good chair exercise program may be just as effective as a standing exercise routine with less wear and tear on your knees. (For more information on chair exercise programs visit(

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