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Is There A Secret Pill For Weight Loss—– Yes

I consider a “pill” anything which quickly accelerates weight loss. It can be an actual pill such as fat burners, appetite suppressants, cleansers, etc. or your “pill” may also be lipo, plastic surgery, quick weight loss plans, fasting, etc.. The question is, is it worth it? Well, the answer is either yes or no so let’s take a look at both.

We will go with “yes” first. Many people have to see results quickly  to stay motivated. If they see the pounds dropping fast it encourages them to continue and puts them on course to reaching their fitness goals. Each day they gain determination to keep going. Once “the pill” is finished they will do what it takes to keep the weight off. Eating right–no problem, exercising—-bring it on. This is their time and they are ready to take the bull by the horns. “The pill” was the jump-start they needed.

The answer is “no” when you realize no pill = no weight loss. Now you are at a crossroads. You figure out you can not take “the pill” the rest of your life and you have not developed and are not immediately willing to develop a lifestyle change (eating and exercise). You are slowly creeping back to the “before pill” picture and mentally you feel you have to have it (pill) to succeed. This can be a devastating and depressing realization when it seems “the pill” was only a temporary band aid and now all the effort and perhaps money involved seems like a big waste of time. You crave the compliments and the extra glances in the mirror but you know deep inside you are not willing to put in the work to do it the traditional way, watching what you eat, getting up early, hire a personal trainer or put in your favorite Chair-A-Cise weight loss DVD.  So, what’s next? Another “pill” of course. (For more weight loss information visit

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