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Is Strength Training Important for Weight Loss?

I have had many female clients express to me their concern about incorporating strength training into their weight loss program.  Why are they concerned you ask.  Well, most people agree you need cardio in an exercise program, but strength training?  Yes! You need strength training! Believe it or not, strength training is very important when exercising.

With standard cardio (elliptical, treadmill, aerobic classes, StairMaster) your body remains in fat burning/weight loss mode approximately 3 hours after wards.  But when you strength train and tear down your muscles through resistance methods, the muscles rebuild themselves for the next 24 hours; in particularly while you are asleep.  This rebuilding process is a calorie burning process. So instead of 3 hours, you burn calories for 24 hours. That’s right, 24 hours!

So just think, the next time you’re doing chair exercises with Chair-A-Cise, a well balanced exercise program that includes cardio and strength training simultaneously; you are actually getting a 2 for 1 workout and your body is getting exactly what it needs in a workout plan.

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