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Congratulations, you have lost weight — Now what? (part 1)

It’s been months, maybe years of sacrifice and hard work. You have changed the eating habits and got the exercising down to a “t”. Finally, you have reached your goal and weight. Your quick weight loss program has paid off. Now you walk with pride and confidence. Looking in the mirror once was a quick glance but now its a stare. You are happy here, right here, at your present state. Looking good, Feeling good.

BUT NOT WHAT? Do you continue trying to lose more weight? Do you keep doing what you have been doing? Can you finally, finally cut back and just enjoy the moment. Enjoy the “new you” and take a couple of days off. Don’t you deserve it? To let your hair down. A couple more late night snacks, a few extra beers. The fat burning DVD can wait until tomorrow, the gym off days become the off week and you really would rather buy some clothes for the new you instead of spending it on the drill sergeant personal trainer.

WHAT’S HAPPENING? You are becoming complacent because of your achievements rather than realizing “chasing” the achievement is what gave you the desire of the “eye of the tiger”. So what do you do? Go back to the basics. Push harder than before. Set some new goals. It’s easier to push yourself when working toward a goal than when you are at the goal. Always appreciate reaching the goal but never become satisfied. So, now, right now, go write down some more mountains to conquer and some more races to win and to continue looking for the never ending finish line. (for more exercise tips go to ).

Daryl Madison

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