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Age is just a number or is it when it comes to weight loss

As a personal trainer I have trained hundreds of people whether it’s one on one or leading an exercise class. What always amazes me is the lady who is usually 45 plus years old, highly motivated and in terrific shape who goes all out exercising. Yea, her hair is grey or it’s dyed black which makes her look younger. Her body doesn’t recuperate as quickly, she stays sore a little longer than she did ten years ago and its slightly obvious class is a little more of a struggle than for the 24 year old. Her grand-kids or kids are the same age as many in the fitness class but because she has trained continuously over the years she has a youthful and graceful continence about her. Of course we are all familiar with the phrase age is just a number. She makes you a believer.  In reality “yes” age is just a number but in theory “no”.  The older we get its harder to keep the  exercise dedication and intensity at a high level.  Quick weight loss is not as quick as it use to be but she has found a way to beat father (I mean mother) time.

When its time to exercise she is in the front of the class wanting those young tenders to know she is still” holding it down”. Actually she is “showboating”. Looking from the back of the class her shape and energy blends in with the group. She knows the ladies behind her are whispering and wondering how is she doing it. There are some, perhaps many, who can not keep up with her. She refuses to believe she must let her health deteriorate and become overweight like most of her friends. So here is a pat on the back to you miss 45 plus. Keep up the good work and I will see you in bootcamp class tomorrow. (For more fitness articles visit

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