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2011 Quick Weight Loss Transformation Tip #2

Okay, if you placed quick weight loss at the top of your New Years resolutions list, now that 2-3 weeks have passed it’s a great time for a review, a sort of self check up.  A time to perhaps pat yourself on the back or a time to re-commit.

Have you joined a gym or still driving by everyday saying, ” I will join tomorrow”?  Have you called the personal trainer or still contemplating “doing it yourself”?  Have you popped in the fitness DVD you had rushed delivered or still getting “mentally prepared”?  Are you spending the extra time you promised yourself writing down everything you eat and drink or researched the many online tools which estimate calorie content or just “keeping an eye on what you eat”.  Well, before tomorrow becomes next month and next month becomes next year it may be time to refocus and rededicate or to give yourself a good, “That a boy” and continue to keep up the good job.

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