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Weight Loss Tips to Avoid Sugar Cravings for the Holidays

No reason to start the New Year with an extra 10 pounds feeling stuffed, overweight, bloated or uncomfortable because you couldn’t overcome the “sugar cravings”.  You know the cravings that come when you smell fresh baked cookies, cakes or brownies. The good news is those craving only last for about 10 minutes.  The bad news is you can consume many unnecessary and regrettable calories causing weight gain if you don’t have a game plan.

When you feel the urge coming you must act quickly instead of staring at or smelling the goodies. Immediately get busy and distract yourself whether its calling a friend, introducing yourself to someone or volunteering to help if at a Christmas party, exercising or cleaning when at home.  Just as quickly as the craving came it will go so plan in advance your quick “get away”.  To learn more about weight loss visit

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