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Weight Loss—-Just Start

“Just Start”–sounds simple, doesn’t it? Two words which can change your life whether it’s weight loss or any other goals you may have. There is no such thing as the perfect time. The issues (excuses) preventing you from beginning your quick weight loss plan today are the same issues you will have tomorrow and the day after. There will always be obstacles, circumstances, etc.. Don’t avoid them “just start” anyway.

The best time to start is  “right now”. The best way to start is to “just start”. No more ready, set, hold up I need to do ____________ first. Take action toward exercising and eating right now. Not later this evening or tonight but “right now”.  I will be the first to tell you (since you are already reading my article) it’s not easy but what worthwhile is. However, reaching your weight loss goals will get easier if you are focused about your purpose and go after it with determination and passion. When you are driven by determination your every action is aligned with weight loss. When your thoughts are about meeting with your personal trainer, your favorite Chair-A-Cise DVD, going to the gym,  or eating healthy foods, etc., it’s easier to stay on track. So, ready, set, go. (For weight loss programs visit

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