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Weight Loss, Health vs. Family, Friends

Your health certainly affects you but 1A is your family, friends and others who love and care about you. Have you ever thought about what would happen to your spouse, wife, kids, and parents if your preventable health condition caused a significant decrease in your quality of life or perhaps even death? If you just decided and committed to lose weight maybe you could have added another 5-10+ years of spending your golden years with your spouse or maybe  your grandkids could have memories of you instead of having to ask their parents what did grandma/grandpa look like?  

couple in golden age

Lose the weight. There are no extra lives. Make this one count. You said yesterday, you would start losing weight today by exercising and eating better. You promised yourself on December 31, 2014 you would start 2015 different and dedicate yourself to health and fitness. Have you done it and are you fully committed?

Yea, sooner or later we are all going to be pushing up daises but why not choose “later”. Take 10 minutes today, now preferably, sit in a quiet place and write a list of the people who are very important to you. The people who you love and want to see happy. Chances are these are the people who love and care for you also. So, why cheat them of  years of “you”. Imagine how their lives would change because you did not take care of yourself. Funny way to express your love and concern for them.

Perhaps all this could have been avoided if you devoted 30 minutes a day to exercise and a commitment to a healthy eating plan. Only you have the power to change your life. Don’t leave your family and friends always wondering, perhaps feeling guilty about what they could have done to prevent “your” premature death or sickness. They don’t deserve it. Actually they deserve better.

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