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How often should you change your strength/cardio workout?

As a personal trainer I am frequently asked how often should you change your workout? First, the reason you want to change your workout is to avoid a plateau. This usually occurs when your body adapts to your workout and feels comfortable as opposed to challenged making it harder to reach your goal whether its weight loss, toning, strengthening or weight gain.

Your body is very adaptable, however, when you push it

pass it's comfort zone it makes the necessary adaptations to continue meeting those demands. When you adapt you will usually maintain and it will be hard to get more gains which may soon cause you to regress not to mention you will become bored.

Generally, changing your exercise routine every three to four weeks is suggested. However, if there are certain exercises which seems to be of continued benefit you can do them a little longer while you swap out the other portions of the routine.

( Daryl Madison is a personal trainer, Creator of Chair-A-Cise, motivator and fitness enthusiast

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