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Top 3 Myths About Chair Exercising And Weight Loss (continued myth # 2)

Chair exercise programs are just for seniors = True and False

I know when you think of someone chair exercising it’s an elderly couple barely moving sitting down because they can’t stand and exercise. As the creator of Chair-A-Cise, a chair weight loss program the #1 comment I always hear is “this would be great for my parents or grandparents”. Actually, they are right. Part of my motivation for creating Chair-A-Cise was to develop an exercise program safe and fun for seniors. Today’s seniors are much different than the seniors of 20 years ago. Ten- fifteen years  ago they were doing Billie Blanks Tae-Bo, Denise Austins workouts or other medium to high level fitness programs. Although their bodies may not allow them to exercise like “back in the day” they have the energy, mindset and capabilities to do much more than slow non challenging movements, however, they need a program which caters to the limitations of their aging ligaments, tendons and joints.

What’s very interesting and amazing are the young and middle-aged adults of today are not like the younger adults of 20 years ago either. We now have a huge middle aged obesity problem in the United States. They are much more inactive than their parents and grandparents were although having much more health information and a larger variety of fitness programs. Whats funny is the same kids or grand-kids who says Chair-A-Cise would be great for their parents/grandparents can’t last 10 minutes (and that’s being generous) doing the program themselves. Why? Because although it’s great they are concerned regarding the health and fitness of the seniors in their lives they are not doing much to prolong or increase their own life. Chair-A-Cise is safe for seniors but also challenging for younger adults because it adapts to a persons own balance, leverage and strength so it doesn’t matter what age you are you will have a great and effective workout. (For more information visit .

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