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Top 3 Myths About Chair Exercising And Weight Loss

Myth Number 1: It’s no way you can burn as many calories sitting in a chair exercising as you can standing.

Completely false. As with all weight loss programs it’s usually not the actual exercises which causes you to lose weight but your intensity and effort which determines the results. As the saying goes you get out what you put in. If you put forth half the effort you will get half the results. If you put in tremendous effort you will usually have amazing results. So whether it’s Chair-A-Cise, P90x, Insanity or any of the other leading fitness programs your success or failure relies strictly upon you.

As a personal trainer for 10 years I have studied tons of exercise programs and have concluded there are not major differences. Yea, maybe a fancy title or a little wrinkle thrown in here and there but overall same exercises. What determines the success of one program over another is a persons commitment and belief this particular program is for them and they are willing to do whatever it takes to make it work. Two people can do the same program and have totally different results. Why? Because one is fed up being overweight and is willing to go all out and the other just wants to try it out and see if it works.

All fitness programs have before and after pictures and testimonials of people who have succeeded to encourage and motivate you.  The key is finding the one which is right for you. There are many excellent fitness programs which provide fantastic results. Chair exercise programs are one of them although it may not be the first which comes to mind. I created Chair-A-Cise to give you the same results or better as the most popular exercise programs and will gladly put it up against them any day. My intent on writing this blog is to inform others there are other options available other than your traditional workouts. My challenge to you is whatever weight loss program you try you owe it to yourself  to put forth maximum effort and then make a determination. Stay tuned for myth #2. (For more information on weight loss visit .)

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