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The Perfect Workout Plan (part 1)

What is the perfect workout plan?  If you watch t.v., read magazines or search the internet there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of “the perfect workout plans”. Is it Insanity, P90X, Chair-A-Cise, a boot-camp routine, yoga, pilates, etc.? Routines may be different or very much the same but each attempt to convince you they are superior to the other programs. However, through much research and experience as training hundreds and maybe thousands of people as a personal trainer I have cracked the code. The perfect workout and diet plan for you is the plan———–drum roll please————- you will follow through with. Its really that plain and simple.

Most fitness plans have been tested, proven and actually work. However, all the effort, design and tests which have been used in developing the program doesn’t matter if you don’t follow through. So what do I mean when I say follow through? If you are doing an exercise program do each  and every set, rep, warm-up, cool down and stretching. Additionally, put all your heart, soul and effort in it. If you are on a eating plan don’t eat any more or less than required (unless it provides negative health implications such as starving yourself to the point of sickness, dizziness, etc.). Don’t incorporate your fruit, vegetables, starches unless of course you have more knowledge and experience than the people who have spent perhaps years developing the program. If you did (have more knowledge) you would be doing your program and not theirs. If the program ask you to jump over the moon, you tie your shoes and try to guess what—jump over the moon.

I am very proud my exercise program, Chair-A-Cise, a chair weight loss 10 week transformation program which has assisted many people burn fat, tone, improve cardio and strength and lose a tremendous amount of weight. Is it because its the best plan in the world? Personally, I would like to think so but actually its because they tried it and it worked. The best fitness plan and/or diet plan doesn’t work if you don’t follow through. (for more information please visit

Daryl Madison

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