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The Mental Side of Weight Loss

Of course we have all heard plenty of times about the 2 things you must do to lose weight, eat right and exercise. This is true and the more disciplined you are with them the better your results will be. What drives your desire to stick to the fat burning exercise program or quick weight loss eating plan? What will ultimately determine you packing on the pounds or taking them off? In other words what will ultimately determine your success or failure?

The answer is your level of mental toughness? It takes a special and unique person to make the choices and sacrifices needed to lose weight. One who is prepared to take on the challenge of the grueling and exhaustive workouts and to pass on the foods which will sabotage their goals. If your mind is focused you can conquer anything. If your mind is not fully focused or committed your body and your eating will not be totally committed either (i.e. as the mind goes so will the body). To get through the mental grind of  long term weight loss it all starts in your head so before you start an exercise program have a long meeting with “your mind”/yourself and review the reasons why losing weight is so important to you and if you are ready to make a strong level of commitment.

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