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Overcoming Loss Of Motivation To Exercise

To increase your motivation to exercise try these simple tips:

  1. Set goals with a deadline- Simply get your calendar and mark the date you want to reach your goal.  If you accomplish your goal reward yourself and if you don’t set a punishment.  It provides motivation either way.  It is important to list the reward or punishment immediately after selecting goal date.

  2. Get support- put yourself in the right mindset and environment. Speak with achievers who have already accomplished what you are attempting to do.  Also,  read or listen to at least 5 – 10 minutes of motivational and inspirational materials each day.

  3. Lastly, begin with an exercise program suitable for you. If you have not been exercising do not start with a high impact program. When I created my Chair-A-Cise, chair exercise, DVDs series , I designed them to gradually take you from beginner to optimal health.  Start with a program you feel comfortable with which is challenging but don’t overdo it.

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