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Losing Weight- The Hard Way

When you come to the weight loss fork in the road and one sign says easy and the other says difficult many consider the latter. There is nothing wrong with the easy road which may consist of  fat burning or weight loss pills, lap band or plastic surgery or other quick remedies. After all the bottom line is results and actually it doesn’t matter how you get to your goals as long as you reach them.

However, as a  personal trainer I must admit I give some “kudos” to the person at the gym  who has taken the hard road and  has been consistently coming for 3 years but  looks about the same as when he started. They manage to lose just a few pounds every couple of months but nothing significant. Religiously putting in a decent workout for an hour and a half 4-5 days a week.  Although she never really loses weight she seem to never gain either. Over their 3 year gym membership I have seen many others come and go, come and go and comeback, some have had great weight loss and still others with great weight loss and have regained but not Miss Consistency. She has been steady, an even flow. While not going to hire a trainer because they have done just enough research to think they can do it on their own and usually they have some crazy workout which provides little benefit and use terrible form. They know all about the carbs, protiens and eating the 5 small meals.

I enjoy talking with them because they are always upbeat and the people which make  the gym fun. Although always willing to talk about weight loss of course I know they are going to look the same the next 2 years. They have taken the hard road of not getting a trainer or expert nutritional advice. I admire how self motivated they are to steadily get up early every morning or come in after a day’s work while continually pushing a rock up a hill which usually rolls right back on them in the pursuit of weight loss. They get lucky and somehow drop a couple of pounds but the efforts of their hard work is mostly futile, however the determination and dedication is beyond reproach. So here is a high five and thumbs up to you gym guy. Keep the faith and I will see you later today.

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