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Lose Weight, Build Muscle and Improve Endurance– Can You Do All At The Same Time?

As a personal trainer the request I hear most is,” I want to lose weight, build muscle and get my endurance up“. Although it sounds good your body can’t do but so many things at one time. You have to decide which is most important to you. These 3 goals consists of 3 different training philosophies, routines and styles.

To add mass and bigger muscles basically you have to eat more calories than you burn making it difficult to lose weight. Two totally different mindsets.  Increasing and building endurance requires sustained cardio  like hgh supplements running somatroph hgh, biking, etc. making building  mass very difficult. Your body will use all the additional calories for endurance instead of the muscle building process.

Doing all three at once will become frustrating because you will not make major progress in either area. So what should you do? Pick one of course and focus all your energy, eating and  training around it. Then you will have success in one area although you will probably see minimal gains in the other two area. For more information on fitness programs visit

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