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How to Choose a Weight Loss Exercise Program for the Entire Family

When choosing a weight loss exercise program for your family there are several things to consider. If you have young kids  choose a program which is fun. Kids attention spans are short  so the exercise program should not begin slow paced. Remember, they are probably exercising because you are making them not because they know or care about the importance of it. While the quick weight loss dvd program must begin with a warm up and stretching be sure its not overkill otherwise your kids will quickly start trying to figure a way out.

Young or middle aged adult should choose a program which is challenging. You don’t want to simply go through the motions and just exercise to get your kids moving. Since you are exercising anyway might as well get the full benefit. Your energy will be contagious. The more effort you put into it the harder your kids will work. You must set the tone and example.  Choosing a program fun for kids and  which you look forward to is a win, win for everybody.

Lastly for older adults or grandparents the program has to provide safety. Older adult ligaments, tendons and joints are not as strong and more susceptible to injury so programs with sudden side to side or back and forth movements may put them at risk. Also, standing for long periods of time may be uncomfortable.

So what program incorporates fun for kids, a challenge for adults and is safe for seniors? Chair-A-Cise, a chair exercise 7 DVD program which has many of the most popular standing strength and cardio movements for the younger and middle-aged adults, however, the chair allows seniors to exercise with comfort without risking injury and lastly kids  are already use to sitting down at school so they are familiar with the most important part of the program (sitting).  Tell them its a game and see can they keep up with the younger or middle age adults or perhaps even the grandparents.

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Daryl Madison

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