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Holiday Healthy Eating and Exercise Tips

The holidays are a time to eat, drink and be merry.  The time we tend to overindulge and worry about next year when it gets here.  But when January 2nd finally arrives we feel bloated, stuffed and overweight because of incomplete or no workouts or unlimited eating.  While it’s easy to avoid the exercise routine for the holiday parties, now is the time to stay active.  Exercise is a great stress buster for the holiday season and it will also provide energy for the extra things you need to accomplish.

However to keep you going through the holidays you may need to make adjustments from your normal routine such as shortening your workouts.  Adjust your routine to whatever time your have available.  Even if its just 10-15 minutes use the time wisely by training at a high intensity level for maximum results.  For more information on quick fat burning exercises for the holidays click here or you may send your questions to a personal trainer by clicking here.

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