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Getting Kids to Exercise—–on the Computer?

      For many parents, limiting the amount of time kids spend on the computer can be challenging. Too much time spent on-line can cut into other important activities needed for their development, such as exercise.   Pediatricians have reported seeing more children with heart problems and diabetes, conditions usually developed in adults. This is mainly because kids have become more inactive and replaced traditional, active games like hide & seeks, tag, hop-scotch and rope jumping with computer activities that don’t provide exercise beneficial to youngsters’ health.    But there are many ways to use a computer to help kids adopt good fitness habits. Since they are on the computer anyway, why not insert a fitness DVD like Chair-A-Cise? It is an exercise program done from a chair and it gets kids moving. If desired, parents can work out with their kids. Using a computer with is a great way to know that kids are getting better use out of their computer and improving their health at the same time .                                    

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