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Fitness Tip For 2013 = Stop Blaming Your Weight on Your Age

Start 2013 believing you are energetic, vibrant and young. Youth is a state of mind not a number but old is also a state of mind. Whatever your mind believes your body will follow. You can transform your soccer mom build/weight to a slim, toned, sexy woman  with  exercise regardless of your age. You can also transform that middle age spread beer belly into a trim waistline with a good eating plan.

I have personally trained the middle aged and seniors and have seen them develop muscle tone in a matter of weeks. I have read stories of bodybuilders over the age of 70. Unfortunately, I have also trained people the tender age of 30 who believe their best days are behind them and continue to leave an unhealthy lifestyle. They move, think and eat like they have one foot in the grave.

If you believe your age is holding you back from becoming fit you will not take actions to improve your situation. Because let’s face it, your age is your age. You can not subtract the number but you do have control over your mind and your thoughts. If this has been your mindset I suggest you immediately change your thinking and stop hanging around those people who are always talking about  getting old and all their aches and pains. Think positive and surround yourself with people who encourage you and themselves. Start today finding your fountain of youth whether it’s a weight loss DVD, joining a gym or getting a personal trainer.

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