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Exercising and Teens: A Family Commitment

It’s important for teenagers to exercise to get stronger, stay healthier and it’s proven to build confidence and self esteem. Overweight teens tend to become overweight adults which often lead to diabetes, heart disease and other health issues. So it’s important to begin exercising young and hopefully it will become a lifestyle which will continue throughout adulthood.

But, what’s important is for teens to learn different ways to exercise while having fun reaching goals safely and avoiding injury. The goal may be to lose weight, gain weight, stay active or just to improve overall  health. So, who is going to step in and get them fit? That’s right, the same person who has been involved in all of their major life decisions- the parents. The best way to influence your child to exercise is to…….. “exercise yourself”. When kids see the benefits, fun and effort of the parents it will motivate and encourage them to give it a try. I suggest an exercise program which provides benefits to the parent and the child so as a parent you won’t just be going through the motions but actually looking forward to it also.

There are several exercise programs which are perfect for the family. Of course running and/or walking is convenient, doesn’t cost  much and is the perfect time to chat and bond. Additionally it can practically be done anywhere, at anytime without investing in expensive equipment. Another great family program is Chair-A-Cise (chair exercise program) which is fun and safe for kids yet challenging for younger to middle aged adults. Chairacise ( is designed to take the family from beginners to optimal health through a series of DVDs. However, what’s most important is to continue trying different exercise programs to find one which is fun, beneficial and suitable for everybody.

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