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Drinking Alcohol and Weight Loss

As a personal trainer one of the questions I am most often asked is, “Can I still drink alcohol while I am on a weight loss program“? Usually they have already determined I am going to say “no”. However, when I say of course you can they are very surprised. There is a little caveat– you have to be willing to accept the consequences of your actions. Look, drinking beer or your favorite glass of wine doesn’t mean you should blame the weight gain on the alcohol.

A shot of alcohol, can of beer and glass of wine all have about 100-150 calories which is less than many of your other favorites such as a slice of pizza, couple of chicken wings, candy bar or those nacho chips. Focus on what you are eating which is where usually the calories stack up. The real  damage comes from the foods which accompany the alcohol. Also, what’s important is the total calories from liquids is kept low and it fits into your daily diet. So, sure you can have the booze on a fat loss program and still lose fat. However, it’s important to remember alcohol doesn’t assist in weight loss, decreases your quality of sleep, may provide hangovers and effect your workout the following day.

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