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Creating Your Own Fat Burning Exercise Program

If you are sick you go to a doctor. If you have a toothache you go to the dentist. When you want your hair cut or styled you go to a barber or beautician. However, when you want to improve your health and fitness or lose weight which will add years to your life you go to the gym and look at which machines you think may work for you or you take 5-10 minutes and jot down a quick workout. Like somehow you have magically been blessed or anointed with the knowledge of a certified personal trainer.

It’s amazing at every gym in America many people guess and create their own fat loss programs. As a personal trainer many of my friends or people at the gym ask me, “What do you think about my workout”. 99% of the time they have no clue of how to properly put together an effective, well constructed workout to reach their fitness goals. Your  program without the experience and research may get you seriously hurt or cause injuries which may be avoided. Regardless of your determination and dedication it does not replace knowledge which comes from reading books, staying abreast of new information, continuous education requirements and the trials and errors of putting together perhaps hundreds of weight loss exercise programs. So for the best, quickest and safest results get a professional whether it’s personalized one on one training or a fat burning exercise dvd.

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