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Congratulations – On Reaching Your Weight Loss Goals

I just want to say congratulations to those who have persevered and reached your fitness goals. To the few who wake up early in the morning and exercise with Chair-A-Cise, P90X,  Insanity or whatever is your favorite exercise DVD. Kudos to you if you head straight from work to the gym after putting in 8+ hours.

You have sacrificed and changed your eating habits to make healthier choices. When you really wanted the cake or cookies at the party or the grocery store you sucked it up and reached for the salad or fruit. You have shown what dedication and discipline can do by changing your once self destructive choices to choices which will now add years to your life.

You deserve to be recognized and patted on the back having succeeded where many others have come up short. Along the way you have encouraged, inspired and motivated those who needed a push or an example. As a personal trainer who observes the everyday battle which you have conquered I just wanted to say, “way to go and I am proud of you. Keep up the good work”. You are one of the main reasons I became a personal trainer to see people improve their quality of life and experience a renewed joy and passion. I wish you continued success.

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