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Busy Schedule:Exercise at Lunch

Lunch time is a great way to incorporate exercise into a busy lifestyle. With kids, work, errands, laundry, etc. it may seem hard to incorporate fitness into your hectic schedule. Many people have now turned lunch time to exercise time. However the million dollar question is, is it possible to have a good workout, eat, shower and get back to work – on time? The answer is certainly.

The key is to have it well planned because every second counts. Have everything in your gym bag, wear work clothes which make it easy to change and have a meal which doesn’t take long to prepare or eat.  Another key is to have an intense, quick workout because of time constraints. There are many options available. Gyms are now offering afternoon classes, you can power-walk around the building or parking lot, walk the steps or do Chair-A-Cise, a chair weight loss exercise program which may be done in your office, cubical or conference room. So with some creativity and dedication it is possible to add exercise and healthy eating during your lunch break. (For more information on Chair-A-Cise visit

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