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Best Middle Aged Weight Loss Exercise Program

Seems like just a couple of years ago you would pop the Denise Austin or Billy Blanks Tae-bo tape in the VCR, put your headband and leotards on and exercise for hours nonstop. Back then using any quick weight loss plan you could drop 5 or 10 pounds easily in a couple of days. Well, times have changed or should I say you have changed. It’s time to face the grim reality. You have gotten “a little older”. What were a few gray hairs which were easily plucked out are now replaced by bi-monthly visits to the hair shop for the dye treatment. The knees and back are not what they use to be.

Now you are “middle aged”. You know at the place between young and senior citizen. Let me help you out if you are still in denial, the ages between 35 and 60. However, there is one thing which has not changed and that’s your desire to have a really great weight loss program which gets your heart rate pumping. So what do you do? The years of jumping up and down, hard and awkward starts and stops are “over”.  Although your desire is there your ligaments, tendons and joints are saying hold up a minute. After all, those high impact exercise DVDs offered on TV which you wish you could do now have fitness models which are your kids or maybe grandkids age.

Well, I guess it’s time to throw in the towel and just do low impact exercising. The kind of exercising you could never picture yourself doing 10 years ago. Going for slow brisk walks around a track or on the treadmill, line dancing, yoga, palates, etc.. Hey “screw that“. Don’t go out without a fight. You still have a lot of energy bottled up in the inside but just need a safe medium to high intensity workout that’s not going to have you going to the hospital tomorrow and soaking in a tub of hot water all night.

This is one of the reasons I created Chair-A-Cise, a low-medium-fast intensity chair exercise weight loss program which will get your motor running again without the risking of serious injury to your ligament, tendons and joints. I have added a new twist to an old exercise routine with updated music, cardio and strength training routines. If you are not ready to grab your walking cane but still want to re-visit the good ole workout days visit

Daryl Madison

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