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Bad Knees- But Need A High Intensity Exercise Weight Loss Program

There are many quick weight loss exercise programs and  fat burning DVDs which provide great results. However, what if you have “bad knees”? Usually those programs consists of exercises which include lots of agility, sudden and awkward movements, jumping and landing, quick side to side or back and forth movements which can cause major discomfort or more damage to those with bad knees. It’s not worth the trade off of not being able to walk comfortably  or having to ice down your knees the rest of the day or the next couple of days.

Usually you end up placing the DVD on the shelf, getting a refund,  or giving it away. The high impact aerobics class sounded like a good idea in the beginning but now its time for a reality check and back to the walking, treadmill, elliptical, bicycle or any other of the slow paced cardio programs which is going to take forever to lose weight.

So what are you to do? You want to lose weight quickly with a high intensity program but unfortunately your knees won’t let you. That’s one of the major reasons I created Chair-A-Cise, a chair exercise weight loss DVD series which take you from low to medium to high intensity through the use of 7 exercise programs without placing major stress on your knees, ligament, tendons and joints. The uniqueness of Chair-A-Cise is because you are sitting you are not placing your upper body weight on your knees which causes them less stress. Additionally,   you are not placing half of your lower body weight (hips and thighs) on you knees either. Just because you are sitting doesn’t mean you have to workout with any less intensity or the exercises are not just as challenging as standing programs. On the Chair-A-Cise website ( ) I have many testimonials of people who have “bad knees” and have received great results and major weight loss.

Lastly, be sure to check with your doctor before beginning Chair-A-Cise or any fitness program. Have them visit our website and  read the testimonials and/or view the video clips. Also, you can order the DVD and have them review it before you start.

Daryl Madison

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