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2013 Weight Loss Program Not Working- Ready To Quit

As a personal trainer people automatically think I want to exercise 24-7. However, many days I want to quit and just totally stop working out. I have been exercising very consistently since I was 14 years old. My body is tired from lifting heavy weight, extreme cardio programs, etc.. Honestly, there are many days I wake up and don’t want to do it. Most trainers won’t admit it. Actually it’s been times I have (perhaps just like you) driven to the gym, didn’t even get out of my car, and went back home, after going to McDonald’s. It’s a terrible admission but its the truth. Wow, feels good to get that off my chest.

Well that’s life in the fitness world. There are downs to go with the ups, especially when you start a fitness program. In the beginning there may be more downs than ups. If it were easy you would have lost weight a long time ago. But as I have to often remind myself and many of the people I train is to “never, never, never give up”. Trying, failing, trying, failing and trying and failing is what makes the weight loss so satisfying when you finally reach your goal. As you exercise more and eat more disciplined you will begin to notice small changes in your body during the journey but still you will struggle to believe in yourself and remain committed. All the blood, sweat and tears for 5 pounds, seriously? Are you freakin kidding me? Do you really expect to continue? All the soreness, getting up early, eating healthy (usually nasty), going to the gym after a hard days work, and spending the few extra bucks on a weight loss DVD. Do you logically, sensibly expect to keep going? Yes, yes and yes. I do expect you to keep going, keep sacrificing and to keep being disciplined and to continue.

What is the other option? To quit. Oh no, you are not going to quit. You are going to get up tomorrow and keep going until you lose that weight. You are going to stay strong, focused, pull your bootstraps up and get back to work. Find a way to not cancel that personal training session, to put in that Chair-A-Cise weight loss DVD, to make it to the gym or boot-camp. Okay, there is your pep rally speech so time to stop reading this and go exercise. Good luck (for more information on weight loss programs visit

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