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2013 Breakthrough Plan

Well, its the end of the year and just a couple of more days to release the disappointments, frustration and obstacles which were a road block for weight loss in 2012. Sure there are things, many things you would have done differently to get those pounds off. Perhaps more commitment to your quick weight loss program. Perhaps a little more dedication to the eating plan. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps has nothing to do with 2013.

January 1st is always a new year. Dwelling on the weight you gained or the weight you lost and gained back this year has nothing to do with next year. Focusing on it will get you nowhere, well actually that’s not true, it will get you in a rut or maybe where you are right now. Focus on what you will do day 1 of this upcoming year and the weight loss which will occur because of your new actions. Learn from this year, what worked (exercises, fitness DVDs, eating plans) and what didn’t (going to bed late or not getting up early to complete your exercise). Every action you do is either getting you closer to or further away from your fitness goals. Get mentally prepared now and attack 2013 with aggressive planning, motivation and determination. Happy New Year.

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