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2011 Quick Weight Loss Transformation Tip #3

An important rule in reaching your Quick Weight Loss goals is to remain totally focused while exercising.  Block off your exercise time and strictly stick to it.  Pick the time of day where you usually have the least distractions.

If exercising at home-no phone calls, long water breaks or watching TV…If possible no distractions from the kids or husband/wife or keep them to a minimum.  If working out to a fitness DVD don’t pause it and take a quick break to do something around the house.  These distractions interrupt your mental concentration and disrupt the flow of your workout which means less progress.  If taking a  class at the gym relocate from the person complaining every five minutes about how difficult/easy the exercises are.  Move to the person or side where the intensity level is energetic and high.  It makes you step up your game and provides motivation and encouragement.  Last, when at the gym on the exercise equipment don’t read books or magazines.  Don’t be the person who is on the exercise bike slowly pedalling and reading year after year with no results.  Exercising is hard work which involves total focus to receive  results -so make the most of your time and effort.

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