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Treadmill, Walking, Elliptical=Waste of Time for Fast Weight Loss

The days of getting on the treadmill, elliptical or walking to lose weight are over just as the use of flip phones and the VCR. Just as technology has and will always evolve so will fitness and methods to lose weight. Fifteen years ago there were workout experts Billy Blanks and Denise Austin (If you are under 40 you are probably wondering who are they). Today on the cutting edge of fitness is Shawn T (Insanity, Max 30, Cise), Tony Horton (P90X) or Daryl Madison (Chair-A-Cise).

defeated exercise man

The days of easy, slow paced weight loss training are over. Going for a walk enjoying the scenery, getting on the treadmill talking with gym buddies or on the phone while riding the elliptical have been replaced with high intensity training for fast results in a much shorter time. With todays exercise programs it doesn’t take 20 minutes to get in the fat burning weight loss zone. You can break a serious sweat and get your heart rate up from 0-100 during the warm up.

So it’s time to get replace the space consuming treadmill and elliptical and get a high intensity Chair-A-Cise DVD. Replace the “fast paced” outside walk with outdoor bootcamps. Don’t get stuck in the yesteryear of fitness but join us in 2017 for quick, fast amazing results.

——-  Daryl Madison

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