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Recipe for Successful Weight Loss= Stop and Sacrifice

As a personal trainer for over 10 years if I could give a word of advice for reaching your fitness goal it is to “stop and sacrifice”. I guess you are wondering “stop” what? Simple, stop immediately anything or associating with anyone which is preventing you from weight loss. Whether its eating the sweets, fried foods, extra carbs, etc. or whether its your girlfriend who keeps backing out on the workouts, or the spouse who would rather spend more time complaining about exercising than actually exercising (I do realize you can not cut bait with your spouse but  better to exercise solo than not at all). In other words anything or anyone which violates your exercise time or eating regimen must be placed aside, period. It’s okay they will be there when you get back from the gym, hopefully. If not, life goes on –particularly the years added to yours with better health and fitness. Don’t debate, deliberate, question, or contemplate, stop it now, like right now.

Next is sacrifice. Stopping is the present commitment. Sacrifice is the long term commitment. Sacrificing is at the very heart of weight loss.  It seems to be the word no-one wants to say directly so it’s usually sugarcoated with dedication, discipline, etc.. It’s the hard, hated, dreadful part of the journey but at its core, sacrifice, is how much pain and suffering are you willing  to endure to reach your goal. The blood, sweat and tears. How much fire are you willing to go through to become steel? It’s hard, that’s why so few people actually reach and maintain their goals. It’s the difference between the person barely breaking a sweat on the treadmill, casually walking reading a book, watching t.v. or on the cell phone and the person with the incline (on the treadmill) high as it will go holding on for life with their shirt soaked (in sweat). All of us have it in us but few are willing to totally sell out (sacrifice) our body and soul. (For more information on weight loss visit

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