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Quick Weight Loss Plateau Tip #3

Okay, you have finally hit the exercise wall plateau and are cutting back on the calories and increasing the exercising for a jump-start and it’s not working.  However, you are getting hungrier from lack of food and also weaker which is causing your exercising to suffer because you don’t have energy. So what could be the problem?  As your fitness level has increased your body will need more calories to maintain the rising of your metabolism. If you are continually cutting your food intake your body may not be receiving the calories needed to accommodate the extra work load.  If you are constantly hungry it’s probably an indicator you need to increase your calories. The key is to intake healthy foods to feed your body by eating light healthy snacks such as fruits, yogurts or nuts. It’s not about starvation but eating enough of the proper foods to keep your metabolism burning. So do a little research and find a eating plan which works for you.

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