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Quick Weight Loss Plateau Tip #2

You have been exercising 4-6 times a week religiously since you made your New Years resolution. Whether it’s your boot-camp, favorite gym class or Chair-A-Cise DVD you have been going all out pushing and pushing your body to get those amazing results you were seeing weekly or perhaps daily when you first begin.  Now you are lifting heavier weight or doing more reps for  toning or killing the additional cardio to burn those extra calories. So why is your body not responding?

Why is doing more equalling less results? Your body needs some good ole fashion rest.  Many times people believe they will have better results with weight loss and muscle gain if they exercise more, however the opposite may be true. Your body-those muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints just need time to recuperate. In other words your body is just tired and needs a break. A couple of days off will give you more energy and have you feeling like a new person and really looking forward to getting back to your exercise program.  This renewed you will be able to push through this plateau and have you receiving those great results again.

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