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Quick Weight Loss Plateau Tip #1

Okay, you started the year with success with your quick weight loss plan having great workouts and eating perfect but now you have hit a brick wall, a plateau.  What happened and why?  After all you are doing the same exact things which provided great success-eating the same foods, doing the same workouts.  So, what’s going on?  Now you are not as excited to go to the gym or put in your favorite exercise dvd and the results are not the same.

Well, plateau tip #1 is to change your exercise routine! Shock your body. Your muscles will get use to the same routine and will not respond as effectively.  A different program such as Chair-A-Cise  will challenge you by involving different muscles or attacking them from different angles.  It’s like awaking muscles which were asleep and giving them a big energy shot. There are thousands of exercise programs available on-line, on DVD’s, in exercise books or you may take different classes at your local gym or check with a personal trainer.  So if you feel your body is not responding to your program like it was initially quickly change your program to something which is fun, challenging and exciting to you. For more information about exercise routines visit

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