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Problems Choosing an Exercise Plan—Know Thyself (Part 1)

With so many different exercise and weight loss programs to choose from how do you know which is right for you? Do  you just try one and hopes it works? Just jump in and hopefully you will get lucky and nail it and everything will come together just fine. Unfortunately, that’s probably wishful thinking  and can actually be very frustrating. You start with “you”. That’s right I said, “YOU”. The  answer to choosing your perfect exercise program lies within “you”. Not the people in the infomercial pushing the quick weight loss DVD, not the personal trainer who really wants you to buy/commit to the 10 pack sessions, nor the person writing the article in the fitness magazine or any of the magazines at the check out counter. If they really knew you would they put a 120 pound former beauty queen in front of you and say do what she does and in a couple of days you will be ready for “Victoria Secrets”. Does your friend who is in the same “boat” you are who says, “lets do bootcamp or go for a walk” really know “you”. Just because he/she can relate doesn’t mean they know the inner you. After all who has spent more  time with “you” than “you”. Therefore, take an honest evaluation of yourself and determine what programs you believe will be just right for “you”. For more fitness tips/blogs visit .(Be sure to read part  2 next)

Daryl Madison,

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