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Obese Parents=Obese Kids

Have you heard the saying like father-like son, like mother-like daughter? Unfortunately, it proves true because many studies confirm child obesity is much higher when parents themselves are overweight. A child with one obese parent has a 50% chance of being overweight. When both parents are obese their children have a 80% chance of obesity. So let’s make going to the gym or putting in the Chair-A-Cise exercise DVD a family affair.

fat kids and parents

What amazes me is how loving parents would protect their children from anyone and anything yet are doing something which could cause them (kids) serious health issues or death down the road.  Like it or not kids are probably going to do what you do or allow. If you eat any and everything and don’t exercise they will follow in your footsteps. That’s just the way it is.

Although you want your kids to be disciplined in many areas of their lives to become as successful as possible, mom and dad, you also must be disciplined living a healthy lifestyle so they can be successful with their health. Parents sacrifice so many things for their kids so make  one more sacrifice for their long term well being. For more health and fitness tips read our blogs at

Daryl Madison

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