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Intimidated by Intense Exercise Programs

Have you ordered a weight loss DVD and on the first day you tried it wondered what was I thinking I can’t do these exercises and now it’s in that “special place” with the other DVDs? When you signed up for the bootcamp class it sounded great exercising outdoors, fresh air, birds chirping, etc. but now you beg for mercy and realize the word bootcamp actually refers to vigorous military training and for you this is voluntary. After 3 minutes into the warm up of the high intensity class at the gym you see how you can lose 10 pounds in 5 days as advertised but what they didn’t tell you is you will be sore, cripple, and miserable for 10 days. 

defeated exercise man

The good news is what you want, quick weight loss, can be found in these exercise programs, however, you have to change your approach on how to achieve it. Remember, you are just getting started exercising, however I am sure you have noticed the trainers teaching the class or models in the DVDs are in fantastic shape. Do you think they started this week, a couple of weeks ago or even this year? No, usually it’s taken them years to get in amazing physical shape. Plus all you want to do is drop about 30 pounds not appear on the cover of GQ or Cosmopolitan. How are you supposed to hang with them?

Here are 2 suggestions to consider:

  1. When you order an exercise DVD make sure there is a modified version for the exercises. Today, many of the most popular programs, such as The Chair-A-Cise Quick Weight Loss System has a person demonstrating the exercises using modifications which allows beginners to gradually increase your cardio, strength, etc.. As you progress you will be able to perform the exercises without the modified version.

  2. “Do You”- Don’t try to keep up with the movements and speed of the instructor but do what intensity works for you. This does not mean “slack off” but put forth your absolute best effort and improve each session. One of my strategies is to see what exercise the trainer is doing and once I get the form down take my eyes off them (trainer) and do my best until the exercise is over.

Daryl Madison

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