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“I feel great and am so grateful for the success I am experiencing…”


“In July of 2010, I experienced severe headaches and fatigue. After visiting my doctor, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. This diagnosis made me more determine to lose weight. The doctor told me if I loss 20 lbs he would take me off the blood pressure medicine.

I met with Daryl on Sunday, October 24 to begin the chair-a-cise program weighing 255lbs. I was committed to the quick weight loss program and wanted to follow up with the 10 week plan. At the end of ten weeks, I had lost a total of 30lbs and over 25 inches!

I was already exercising so the exercise piece came very easy for me; however Chair-a-cise was very challenging for me. The comparison meal  plans are great and very doable. I ate regular food including fruit, vegetables and snacks. I was rarely hungry and sometimes found it challenging to get all my meals and snacks in. The meals are not like a diet but a change in lifestyle.

Daryl has created a gold mine with Chair-a-cise and is a great trainer and motivator. I would recommend Chair-a-cise to anyone wishing to lose weight or just exercise on a regular basis. I have completed my Quick weight loss and 10 week program and I continue to follow the meal plan as well as exercise daily.

Today I feel great and am so grateful for the success I am experiencing. Thanks Daryl” – M.B. 

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