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2 ways an obese person can lose weight fast and safe?

1. If you are obese you probably haven't been doing any or a low amount of exercise. To get amazing quick weight loss results you don't need a vigorous, crazy exercise routine. Because most obese peoples body is not use to exercise it will respond much faster than someone who has been exercising for a long period of time.

The key is finding the right program which is safe and sustainable while providing actual visible results without killing yourself and risking serious injury. If you start a high intensity program your ligaments, tendons, and joints are not use to that amount of stress and strain and chances are you will encounter a short or possible long term injury.

I recommend a weight loss program designed to increase your cardio steadily but not from going to 0-100 miles per hour in 1 day. I recommend the Chair-A-Cise 60 Day Rapid Weight Loss program, a non-traditional chair exercise streaming and dvd program which uses cardio and strength training for remarkable visible results.

2. You need an eating plan which works for you and is sustainable. We all know 60-70% of your success is based upon eating. You can not out exercise bad eating. Usually, people have tried many different exercise programs and some which you realized were ridiculous for you after a couple of days or were not sustainable over a long period of time.

Are you really not going to eat starches the rest of your life or only eat fruit, nuts and vegetables. Take the time to research and compare different eating plans to find the one for you. I recommend the sensible, doable eating plan which comes with the Chair-A-Cise 60 Day Rapid Weight Loss program which allows you to chose from a variety of foods..

Daryl Madison is a personal trainer, fitness enthusiast, motivator and creator of numerous fitness programs.

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