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How To Tone But Not Bulk Up

Everyone wants to lose weight but what about building lean muscle and toning. If you are fortunate through eating well and cardio workouts to quickly drop those extra pounds certainly you want to feel and look sexy and curvy not soft and jiggly. When you finally see the number on the scale which you have been aiming for you want to proudly look in the mirror and feel strong and toned not like something is missing. You want those curves in all the right places.

This is where strength training comes in. I know women you don’t want to look bulky and like a man. Most women who strength train are not competing in bodybuilding competitions but just trying to improve their appearance. How many of the women you know who strength train look like the Incredible Hulk?

So, here are a few tips to give you strength and curves.

1. Train with volume= using very light weight is not beneficial  because it’s not challenging the muscles. Basically you are just going through the motions wasting valuable time and effort. Do approximately 40- 50 repetitions for each muscle group 2-3 times a week. This can be incorporated into your cardio routine like in the Chair-A-Cise videos or done separately.

2. Fatigue the muscle= weight train close to failure with a weight you can lift 10-15 times. If the muscle you are working feels the same on repetition 15 as it did for repetitions 1-5 you need to challenge yourself by adding more weight.

3, Lastly, change your strength training program consistently every 3-4 weeks. Your body quickly adapts to the same program, therefore decreasing the benefit so always keep it (body) guessing and wondering what’s going on not okay its the same ole, same ole.

So, in conclusion be sure to add some strength training to your exercise program. I suggest instead of making up your own program you get a proven plan from a personal trainer, magazine or DVD such as Chair-A-Cise Strength Training.

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